Inside The Male Intellect
(Getting Dumped Has Never Been Funnier
Anchor Bay Entertainment
120 minutes

That Robert Dubac can do two hours on the topic of the male intellect is a feat in itself. All bad jokes aside, Inside The Male Intellect aka The Male Intellect: An Oxymoron? is one hell of a one-man show stand-up comedy DVD that benefits from Dubac’s experience as a stand-up comic but is much more elaborate and staged than what a standup comedy show looks like. It features a cast of characters, a couple of magic tricks, some very subtle and some much less subtle jokes, and a very tight storyline that keeps everything together.

The premise iof Inside the Male Intellect s this guy is waiting for a phone call from his girlfriend Julie a couple of weeks after they broke up. Since she said she would call him, he is waiting out the last few hours until that call to try to figure out what went wrong in the relationship (in other words he is trying to figure out how he screwed up) and the name of her cat. With the help of a few alter-ego male friends such as The Colonel, a redneck, Jean-Michel, your typical French lover boy, the leather jacket wearing Fast Eddie, Ronnie Cabrezi, the Italian guy, and an old but experienced gentleman called Old Mr. Linger, Bobby tries to figure out the mistakes he mad, how to repair them, and the age old question What do women want.

Visually, Inside The Male Intellect – The Male Intellect: An Oxymoron? is one very interesting show. The stage is divided in two parts, the male and female sides and Bobby keeps trying to find the middle ground between these two elements. There are other really cool and funny very simple but amazing visual stunts that support the show but revealing them would take away the magic and disclose what women want, and you don’t want that. Add to this the voice of God, sorry, a woman’s voice (Bobby’s feminine side), and you get one hell of a fun show. Those who like jokes about relationships definitely get their money’s worth while those who like a solid theatrical comedy performance also get a hell of a bang for their buck.

Writing wise, Inside the Male Intellect – The Male Intellect: An Oxymoron? is one tight show. It is unfortunate that there are no subtitles available on this stand-up comedy DVD as you will find yourself having to backtrack a couple of times just to get every joke. Robert Dubac is right when he says men can do two things at a time but watching this and laughing automatically means we are not always listening.

What is really cool is that everything about Inside The Male Intellect – The Male Intellect: An Oxymoron? is planned to perfection, including the presentation of the DVD. From the Superman-like picture on the cover to the Clark Kent like picture of Dubac on the insert, the illustration used on the DVD itself, to, get this, a 15-minute calling card so all guys can call their Julie, but only when she told you to call.


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