Live at the Waldorf Hotel
$5.00 Comedy Download Video
36 minutes
Available at artist’s website

Erica Sigurdson Live at the Waldorf Hotel is one of four $5 comedy mp4 downloads taped at the same venue. Ever since Louis CK made the idea popular –even if it was not new– many comics are trying this system to get their material to their / an audience. The Waldorf Hotel tapings are technically flawless. The Erica Sirgurdson download video is excellent. Video available at thestandupcomedians

Sigurdson does not try to hide her Canadian roots and opens with a local BC bit. It also sets the tone for the rest of the show. Sigurdson does biographical, relationship, and observational material. It is not groundbreaking stuff but it is funny. The routine on color-safe bleach is especially good.

Other good bits include one on Spanx. This is where her self-deprecating humor is at its best. The one on kids is also quite fun. It is followed by a very original routine about her “fridge kid” from one of those sponsor a child outfits.

It has been a while I've heard a bit about the pill. Hers is good.

Sigurdson works a little blue, especially towards the end.

Her show ends rather abruptly.

The other Live at the Waldorf $5 comedy video  are by Charlie Demers, Graham Clark, and Ivan Decker.