Live at the Waldorf
Dylan Rhymer
Stand-up Comedy Video
58 minutes
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Dylan Rhymer Live at the Waldorf, also titled Deliverance on the comic’s website, WAS one of a series of $5 video downloads available through Like the other releases in this series, this is a high quality video production well worth your money. Rhymer is a long form comedian so his almost hour-long set mostly features 4 long bits. This is a very entertaining show by a comic with more to say than most. Unfortunately, this release is no longer available.

Rhymer opens with a bit on FOX news. It is very funny. His take on pornography now and then is also very funny. The whole porn-filled tree stump is as weird as it is original.

This stand-up comic also has enough talent to take on a controversial topic like abortion, make it funny, even silly at times, and say something relevant too. His solution for assisted suicide would certainly attract a few baby-boomer customers.

Unlike many Canadian comics, his take on Canadians versus Americans is not the usual pandering stuff and in fact rather critical of Canada. It features a very strange Silence of the Lambs’ villain takes on a Canadian politician sequence that is really funny.

Rhymer sort of encores with a good bit on mushrooms.

My one reservation about Dylan Rhymer Live at the Waldorf is Rhymer wears black pants and stands in front of a black background. This makes makes it look like his top half is floating in empty space like the disembodied head on SCTV.

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