Stand-Up Revolution Season 3
Gabriel Iglesias and guests
6 Episodes 1 DVD
Comedy Central 2014

Gabriel Iglesias aka Fluffy is back with a third season of Stand Up Revolution. On each of the 6 episodes the comic introduces two up and coming comics to the audience. Each show closes with a Hey, It’s Fluffy cartoon. It makes for a fun viewing experience even if the comics are quite uneven. I do find it a little odd that the 6-minute cartoons are slightly longer than a comic’s set.

Season 3 features Kabir Singh, Lance Patrick, Mark Viera, Barry Brewer, Shaun Latham, Jerry Rocha, Steve Simeone, G Reilly, Ian Bagg, Mike Merrill, Gina Brillon, and Alfred Robles who also appeared in seasons 1 and 2. None of the comics have a particularly memorable set but there is not much you can do with only 6 minutes.

Iglesias sometimes does better than his guests. The best intro is episode 2’s story about going to the sex shop.

Special features are bonus sets by Jerry Rocha, Luenell, Gene Pompa, and Carlos Alazraqui. The Fluffy cartoons are also available and there are a couple extra of those.