The Kroll Show Seasons 1 and 2
3 DVD 19 Episodes
Comedy Central 2014

Kroll Show is a Comedy Central sketch comedy show. Many such shows are more hit than miss but the majority of the sketches here are funny. This is because Nick Kroll is very good actor and comic and he has a solid supporting cast and writers. It helps that few of the sketches here overstay their welcome. This is a 3 DVD 19 episode set.

The first episode of season one and the second and fifth of season two feature Wheels, Ontario, a dead on spoof of the very Canadian Degrassi series. On its own it is funny enough but if you are familiar with the various Degrassi series and Canadian stereotypes it is even funnier. Other highlights for this season are the sometimes recurring Armond of the House, a reality show about an animal plastic surgeon, episode two’s Gatorade shower running gag, the Ghost Bouncers spoof, the episode about the difficulties of men with pony tails, and the recurring Liz and Liz ad agency skits.

There are some sketches that are total disasters such as season 1’s Can I Finish, anything involving the C-Csar character (both seasons), and most of the segments in the Dine and Dash season 1 show.

Quite a few comics have cameos. Look for John Mulaney, Bill Burr, Maria Bamford, Hannibal Buress, and Chelsea Peretti to name a few

Special features include commentary tracks on a few episodes, a bonus episode with the best of season 1 on DVD 2, and a 26-minute Trial of Armond special. Kroll Show staring Nick Kroll will have a third season on Comedy Central.