There are many very funny moments on Warm and Fluffy, the Gabriel Iglesias stand-up comedy DVD from his Comedy Central special

My favorite has to be when Iglesias imitates other Hispanic comics like Carlos Mencia, George Lopez, and Paul Rodriguez. There are many other good moments on this DVD and you will certainly find your own favorite.

Hot and Fluffy opens with a good bit on being drunk and driving. It is not commendable but it is funny. The next stand-up bit on this DVD is about Disneyland and being a big guy at an amusement park. It is excellent stuff.

Iglesias has developed a talent for sound effects. This really ads to his routine. I especially liked the wet running shoe bit. He also does a really good Irish accent and Shrek joke. This segues very elegantly in a bit about girls at a nightclub including sound effects and voices and this goes into a bit about being in a “gentlemen’s club”.

There is an excellent, long routine on Volkswagen Beetles and other cars on this DVD I especially like.

Aside from the life and death routine and a political bit, this stand-up comedy is rather superficial but it is good, funny, and original enough not to be ephemeral. It is even good enough to be watched a few more times. Iglesias is a smart comic who crafts a very good stand-up routine with callbacks and everything. Even his Crocodile Hunter bit, a done to death topic, is funny.

Gabriel Iglesias Hot and Fluffy DVD includes material not seen on the Comedy Central special.

Hot and Fluffy
Gabriel Iglesias
Stand-up Comedy DVD
Image Entertainment 2007
60 minutes

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