Greg Morton
Greg Morton
Stand-up Comedy DVD
Independent Release
40 minutes
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Greg Morton is an original. He is a very talented original stand-up comic at his best on Greg Morton, his independent release stand-up comedy DVD. In addition to stand-up comedy, Morton does voices for various cartoons and he exploits this talent early on in his show. His reduced Star Wars and Lord of the Rings are really funny though the Star Wars music background drowns out some of the dialogue a bit.

The cartoon voiced movies are great but Morton knows not to milk a concept so he moves on to more traditional stand-up comedy. This is also really good stuff. He is one of few comics who has an original take on The Governator. Greg Morton can also surprise with some really mundane set-ups like iced tea in Virginia. His growing up and getting beatings bit is a lot of fun too and will remind a few of a darker side of the Hot Wheels track. This segues nicely into a bit about other childhood toys and playground torture devices and then into a really funny bit about his having nephews and having kids and being a parent. This is rather well-worn comedic ground but Morton finds some new laughs there.

The show closes with a couple of musical imitations that segue into a fast-paced greatest hits of the eighties that includes Mick Jagger driving Miss Daisy, an Aerosmith tribute to hemorrhoids, and Tina Turner. This is great fun though I am much less impressed with the lipsync bits.

On Greg Morton independent release stand-up comedy DVD the comic is not served by the very loud Comedy Stop background that makes the set look right out of a Hanna Barbera cartoon. The spot is sometimes a bit too bright and washes out the picture for a couple of seconds from time to time. I am also not sure why Morton kept the MC’s plugs at the end of his show.

Greg Morton, the DVD, is a lot of fun. Having had the pleasure of seeing Greg Morton live (at Ernie Butler’s Comedy Nest in Montreal) I can highly recommend a trip to your local comedy club if Morton is in town. For those with a very weak comedic constitution, Morton does work blue a bit. He is not a nasty comic by any stretch of the imagination but does sprinkle the odd expletive here and there.


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