Jeremy Schachter
Please Wash Your Hair
Stand-up Comedy CD
Independent Release
Recorded by Joel Haas
38 minutes

Please Wash Your Hair, the first Jeremy Schachter CD, is a lot of fun. This surprised me because I was not expecting that much from a twenty-five year old comic and his first independent release stand-up comedy CD. I expected a lot less after Jeremy Schachter opened with a toilet joke. Fortunately, Schachter quickly moves past this topic. More importantly, this stand-up comic has all the tools of a veteran and this allows him to maximize his material and make it work.

Please Wash Your Hair is stand-up comedy of the mundane events in the life of someone in his early twenties. Jeremy Schachter gets a lot of his jokes from starving artist stories and a certain Dane Cook Speak N Spell influence -no insult intended at all — is evident in the bit I Want to Kick Your Puppy. Other topics include board games, marijuana, crappy jobs (literally), I Pods, and, ironically, getting older.

Schachter knows how to build a series of short routines that blend themselves nicely into a long set. There are some really smart segues and callbacks here, my favorites have to do with his very old car. Schachter does some somewhat darker in Getting Tested and though it is not as solid as the rest of the CD, I still wish he had done more with the homeless guy part of it.

Much less impressive are the last two tracks on this CD. The Schachter Jam is just one of the comic’s routine with really, really bad music in the background while The Secret Track is just lame in a stupid Adam Sandler kind of way. These definitely feel like filler on a rather short recording.

On the strength of Please Wash Your Hair, I have no doubt Jeremy Schachter is very successful on the college circuit and I look forward to his next, more mature CD.

This independent release stand-up comedy CD was recorded by Joel Haas, a guy whose track record is flawless in my books when it comes to great sound.


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