At the Waldorf Hotel
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Ivan Decker Live at the Waldorf Hotel is an excellent stand-up comedy download mp4. There is not a single low in this 37 minute performance. Decker may be young but he definitely has the chops. The audience's constant laughter throughout the performance testifies to this. This Live at the Waldorf $5.00 comedy download is part of a series created by Canadians comics based on the “Louis CK model”. The  series features solid performances and production values.

Decker opens with a good bit on yoga at the olympics that segues nicely into a going to the gym routine. These are, very comparatively, weaker compared to other routines such as drinking and skiing and the price of women's haircuts.

Most of the stand-up here is short and biographical: getting a politically correct math book, spiders, crossing the border, and so on.

This comic has yet to get a routine that is clearly his and a set piece. If Decker wasn't as good as he is his overall generic material would probably not do as well. This said, you will not go wrong investing in this comedy mp4 even if it is only $5.

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