Jo Firestone is a biographical and observational stand-up comic with some very good material.

Her comedy download album The Hits sounds like it was recorded over a couple of evenings so you do get a bit of a skip between some of the tracks. I probably would have enjoyed Jo Firestone The Hits a lot more if it was not for the musical interludes or contributions by some guy named Will Butler.

The Hits does not feature any particularly profound track. Firestone’s stand-up comedy is rather mundane. The reason her comedy works is she comes across as likeable and quirky enough to be interesting. Firestone’s world, including her father’s Daddy Dollars allowance system and the first-grader who broke up with her every Friday, is oddly charming and keeps you interested.

Will Butler’s musical bridges or whatever are repetitive. It is clear from a couple of tracks that his talent limited. He also does not listen very well to what Jo Firestone asks of him. This is most evident on the closing track I Have Bee There.

The Hits
Jo Firestone
Stand-up comedy download
Comedy Central 2018

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