Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2012

Detention is a very odd teen comedy mashup of just about any teen movie made in the last ? Years. The constant thought in my mind while watching Detention was “What the …?” This movie works because stuff keeps happening and this keeps the viewer off kilter and because it never panders to the audience. The opening credits are especially cool.

The movie begins with the murder of Grizzly Lake High’s most popular student. It then follows the much less popular Riley, a very awkward teen who is the next target of the killer dressed up as horror movie character Cinderhella. Throw in unrequited love, time travel, references to Freaky Friday, Breakfast Club, and just about any other teen movie made in the last forty years, and you got yourself one very weird but oddly entertaining movie.

I doubt Detention is a keeper but it certainly is worth watching at least once.

The special feature is a picture-in-picture commentary track. Kind of neat

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