Anything Is Possible
Stand-up comedy download
James Mullinger
Stand-up Comedy Show 2017

James Mullinger has gargantuesque balls. 3 years ago this very successful British comic decided to move to St. John New Brunswick and see if he could become a famous Canadian comic, something that is almost an oxymoron. There is also the fact that like Guinness, British humour does not travel well as many Just For Laughs Britcom shows have proven. Well, cor blimey! three years later James Mullinger gets a larger audience at the Harbour Station Stadium in Saint John than Jerry Seinfeld or even the great Alice Cooper. This show is Anything Is Possible and it is the dog’s bollocks (excellent).

Having reviewed Mullinger years ago when he sent theseriouscomedysite his compering showreel (a demo video Brit comics send out to club owners when they are starting out), I was not gobsmacked to find Anything Is Possible to be a great show. I was however chuffed to see this comedian has the skills to make a show about a small town he moved to only three years ago into something that not only travelled well but has a universal appeal.

Anything is Possible is akin to listening to the adventures of a comic deciding to move to Lake Wobegon. The people, their way of looking at things, and their customs are both endearing and strange and you are not sure which is of greater quantity. Mullinger is surprised to see the local grocery store has a lost and found where people actually bring stuff they found, is flummoxed by directions that begin with “Do you know where the Dominion used to be?“, and how his wife cand find out what he he is doing almost before he does . He even has the most original version of the “Canadians are sooooo polite“ I have heard in a long time

Another reason Anything Is Possible became possible and is a great stand-up comedy show is James Mullinger both in his show and in his real life has enough humility to understand you must adapt to a small town (or country) and wait until you are asked for your opinion before you give it. The wait here turned out to be more than worth it. The fact he comes across as a guy you would buy a pint for also helps.

This is a great stand-up comedy download. It bears repeated watching.


By the way, for those hard core Mullinger fans, my Mullinger compering showreel DVD is available for the right price. Click for our review for Mullinger’s  The Comedian’s Guide to Survival