Stand-up comics Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher are married. To please their many fans, they decided to do a show in common. The result is Back to Back. The audience liked it and if you are a fan of either or both comics so will you. Personally, I think this comedy album could have been better. comedy download at Amazon: Back to Back [Explicit]

The concept is good. Esposito and Butcher banter a bit for the first third of the album and then Esposito reintroduces Rhea Butcher for her set. This is the second third of this comedy mp3 album. Butcher then introduces Esposito who closes the show with a somewhat longer set.

The individual sets are solid. Rhea Butcher has a bit on bras and sports bras, baseball, and living in Ohio. Esposito has a more personal biographical set featuring her growing up angry without really knowing why and discovering she was gay.

The weakness in Back to Back is the opening dual set feels improvised and haphazard. It is funny enough but I would expect something more structured that went somewhere. The show also ends rather abruptly with Cameron Esposito reintroducing Butcher and both wishing the audience a goodnight. Again, a bit more preparation and structure would have pleased me more

Back to Back is on aspecialthing Records

Back to Back
Cameron Esposito, Rhea Butcher
Comedy Album
Aspecialthing Records 2017
64 minutes

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