Mitch Fatel is Magical is the stand-up comedy DVD from his 2009 Comedy Central special.

Fatel is an extremely likeable comic whose apparent innocence makes his 70 minutes of  sex jokes non-aggressive and that much funnier A welcome feature for many who appreciate adult topic stand-up comedy but not the blue language many comics use every three words is Mitch Fatel is Magical is basically but not perfectly clean language wise.

Long time fans of Mitch Fatel will recognize a couple of the jokes on this DVD but 97% of this stand-up comedy show is new material. The comedian opens with his most favorite topic: breasts. This is an excellent, long routine that will have you in stitches.

It segues elegantly in a bit on dating rules that Mitch Fatel makes funny and original and a bit on oral sex that is very funny and explains why we have pubic hair. You have to hand it to Fatel with his routine on the good ol’ fashioned hand job.

Something that should but does not play against Mitch Fatel on this stand-up comedy DVD is he is incredibly static. I doubt he moves more than a foot either way for the entire show. His delivery also has little variation but this works for him and is a welcome change from comics who oversell everything.

Mitch Fatel is Magical comes from one of the routines near the middle of the comic’s set. This is also where the show lags a bit.

Other topics on this stand-up comedy show include orgies, Chinese girls, positions, girls saying no, condoms, coitus interruptus, religion in the bedroom, and an extremely funny bit on naming the cat.

70 minutes of sex jokes: you’d think you’d get tired but no.

Mitch Fatel is Magical
Mitch Fatel
Stand-up Comedy DVD
Comedy Central 2009
70 minutes plus extras
Adult audience

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