The Comedy Central Roast of Bob Saget
John Stamos, Greg Giraldo, Gilbert Gottfried
Norm MacDonald, Jim Norton, Susie Essman
90 minutes

Comedy Central does not use a real spit and real flames when it roasts Bob Saget: so much for listening to the public. The Roast of Bob Saget is a very funny adult audience show. Those who suffered through 8 years of Full House and America’s Funniest Home Videos will very much enjoy the Roast of Bob Saget

Ham is only palatable well-done and the Roast of Bob Saget is well done. Of course, many of the jokes here are about how Full House was a show about three libidinous pedophiles and how America’s Funniest Videos are not. As in all roasts, there is always a sincere, touching moment and it is when Saget is told he is not funny.

Although the Olsen twins are not present for the Comedy Central Roast of Bob Saget they are on every roaster’s mind and they are the target of some of the dirtiest jokes of the evening, including a few that make the audience very audibly groan.

A lot of the comics on this dais really skewer Saget and John Stamos. Best of the best is Gilbert Gottfried ‘s turn with some very original “walks into a bar” jokes. Also good are Jim Norton, and Jeffrey Ross. Jeff Garlin does a funny bit as the studio exec who greenlighted Full House.

The low point in the Comedy Central Roast of Bob Saget is Norm MacDonald. He brings a whole new meaning to the Sounds of Silence. That’s what happens when you crib from 1,000 Jokes for Public Speakers but can’t read. How bad is MacDonald? Even Jon Lovitz’ lousy turn is better.

Some of the roasters are videotaped. Lewis Black phones his performance in: he recycles one of his Michael Jackson jokes and then pretends he is Lewis Black. Sarah Silverman? Well, there you go. Also on tape is Don Rickles.

If for some unforgivable reason you miss the Roast of Bob Saget on The Comedy Network May 19th 2009 at 10 P.M. you can check The Comedy Network website to see if it is still there


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