How I Met Your Mother
Season 7
Situation comedy DVD
Fox Home Entertainment 2012

Seven seasons in and How I Met Your Mother is still a very good situation comedy. This in part because of the characters and in part because the show is hip without being obnoxious about it. Case in point, “History or Mystery” where Ted argues it is better not to do an internet search on someone you just met and are going to date for the first time. Season seven features a few changes such as one character getting married, Lily and Marshall having their first, there is a pregnancy scare, and some characters moving from one place to another. This sitcom DVD set features 24 episodes on 3 DVD.

By now Ted is almost but not really quite near the end of the story on how he met his kids’ mother. The show is the story of 5 friends who, according to Robin’s latest boyfriend and court appointed shrink Kevin (Kal Penn of Harold and Kumar fame), “are the most codependent, incestuous, controlling group of people I’ve ever met.”

That is probably this situation comedy’s weak point. Ted, Robin, and Barney have played musical partners a couple too many times including this season, and the mystery as to who will become Ted’s wife  is wearing on this viewer’s nerves.

Aside from that, and fans of the show can easily disregard it, How I Met Your Mother season 7 is solid as they come.

In addition to History or Mystery, other particularly good episodes are the Halloween show (DVD 1) where Barney discovers he is part Canadian, the Christmas episode –the ending is really touching–,

The episode where Barney and Robin cheat on their mate is lame.

The two-episode season finale is, to say the least, bizarre. Though Barney’s magic trick is superb, the ending just serves to add to the show’s relationship mysteries.

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