Lisa Kudrow, Scott Prendergast, Christine Taylor
Directed and writen by Scott Prendergast
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2008
86 minutes

Kabluey tries too hard to be funny. This makes it a lot less so.  This comedy DVD starring Lisa Kudrow, Scott Prendergast, and Christine Taylor has a lot of good ingredients but they do not gel. This is somewhat of a bummer as you get the feeling there is a better movie in there somewhere.

Lisa Kudrow plays Leslie, an Army wife with two kids trying to cope while her husband is in Iraq. At the end of her rope, she allows her long lost brother-in-law Salman to move in and watch the kids while she is at work.

Salman, played by writer / director Scott Prendergast seems to be a picnic short a few sandwiches or a keyboard short a few letters. He tries his best to care of Leslie’s two brats while she is working. He also gets a part time job as Kabluey, the mascot for a soon to be dot com bust.

It is refreshing to see an actress actually look like a real person in a movie. In Kabluey, Lisa Kudrow really looks like a mother of two at the end of her rope. Unfortunately, Leslie is also a bitch on wheels and her two kids are in dire need of corporal punishment -how else would you deal with two kids who pour Ajax all over your face while you are sleeping?¬† (Leslie’s only reaction is “Are you sure it was them?”) This makes it very difficult to care enough about them and be won over when Kabluey tries to tug at your heart strings.

Toss in some character types who are just there to make the movie weird like the talkative lady on the bus and bits that do not make sense aside from looking strange like having Kabluey (a blue felt Marvin the Paranoid Android lookalike) stand on the side of a deserted country road to pass out flyers for office space and you have a dysfunctional comedy on DVD.


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