Freakazoid Season 1
14 Episodes 2 DVD
Originally aired 1995-96
Warner Home Video 2009

If you like it when Jim Carrey plays everything loud and over the top such as in The Mask, you are going to like Freakazoid, a Stephen Spielberg produced cartoon that lasted two seasons on the WB in the mid-nineties. The Season One Freakazoid DVD set features 14 episodes on 1 disc and 1 double-sided DVD plus extras.

Fans of sixties cartoon shows like The Bugs Bunny Road Runner Hour or The Yogi Bear Show and other Hanna Barbera shows will recognize the format of three or four cartoons in one in some Freakazoid episodes. This is also one of very few more recent cartoons with a decent theme song.

Freakazoid is a fun, colorful, and original cartoon. There are many particularly good episode segments here. I especially liked part one of episode 2, Candle Jack where the sort of superhero scares the campers by telling them Sinbad is getting another show. The gag gets extended when one kids tells another the FCC has rules against Sinbad getting another show. This episode also features a pretty good Toby Danger cartoon.

Many of the other cartoons in Freakazoid are also quite fun. The Lawn Gnomes in episode 4 (DVD1) and Ode to Leonard Nimoy, episode 5 are personal favorites. The very best is Fatman and Boy Blubber, Freakazoid DVD 2, a great spoof of the Adam West Batman cartoon

Who knows why but a couple of the cartoons, Candle Jack and The Cloud, are repeated later on in Season 1 of Freakazoid.

Special features on the Season 1 Freakazoid DVD set include 3 episode commentaries, promo clips, and Freakazoid: the original freak. Ho hum. I am also less than impressed with the double-sided DVD.


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