I have been listening to Dwight Slade Evil Monkey for a while now. I still do no know if this stand-up comedy CD is good or really ordinary.

It would be easy to say this Stand Up! Records release is both but it is not. This stand-up comic is either standard comedy club issue or there is something behind the humor that makes him rise above the norm.

A perfect example to explain this ambivalence is the title track of this CD, Evil Monkey. This is good stand-up about the voice in your head telling you to do bad things. This is really funny and dark but Dwight Slade takes a lot of the bite out of it by going for an airplane joke or two. That he also cannot seem to decide if this voice is a dark monkey or evil monkey kind of distracts. The bit does end strong.

There is a lot to like on this comedy CD. I especially enjoyed Gun Noises (track 6) where Dwight Slade compares the noises men and women make when they imitate a gun. This stand-up also has a good eye and ear for the absurd, such as NASCAR on the radio  He also knows how not to overextend a routine.

Other good bits on Dwight Slade Evil Monkey include Shameful and Shameless and the closer, If I Made the Rules which, although it includes comedy’s latest easy joke of poking fun at Git ‘Er Done, is definitely original and funny.

I guess you’ll have to listen to your own dark monkey to make up your mind about this stand-up comedy CD.

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Evil Monkey
Dwight Slade
Stand-up Comedy CD
Stand Up! Records 2009
48 minutes

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