It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Season 6 Blu-ray
Charlie Day, Kaitlin Olson, Danny DeVito
12 episodes 2 discs
Fox Home Entertainment 2011

How weird is It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia? Season 6 opens with Mac protesting against gay marriage because he is jealous a transsexual ex-girlfriend got the operation and married a guy. Meanwhile, Charlie tells Frank they should get married so they can be friends with benefits (Frank’s health insurance). Season 5 of this situation comedy was rather weak but this is not the case for season 6. This sitcom DVD set features 12 episodes on 2 discs.

This is one very different sitcom. Everybody hangs out at Denis’ bar where they do little but scheme and get in trouble. All of these schemes are at the expense of other people but none of the gang notices or cares. This gives the show a mean streak that makes it funnier.

An example of how these people think is when Frank decides to take care of a mildly sick Dee so that she will take care of him when he is old. Denis convinces Frank he should make Dee much sicker so she will better appreciate what he is doing for her.

A particularly good episode in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia The Complete Sixth Season is Mac’s Big Break where Mac gets a chance to shoot a puck for some prize money during a Flyers game. Of course, things go wrong. Episode 5, about swimming pools, is a waste.

Episode 9 is brilliant. This is the one with the Lethal Weapon 5 footage and the argument about blackface.

Look for Dave Foley, Tom Sizemore, Phillies Ryan Howard and Chase Utley, and Rene Auberjonois (DS9) as Dee’s former drama teacher.

The 2010 Christmas episode is not included in It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia the Complete Season 6

Special features for the Blu-ray set include a fun on screen game The Sunny Flip Cup Challenge; Lethal Weapon 5 (a fourteen minute movie starring the gang), Legal Advice With Jack Kelly, the pilot episode of Wilfred, deleted scenes, a blooper reel, and commentary for four episodes.

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