The League The Complete Season Two Blu-ray
Nick Kroll, Jonathan Lajoie, Mark Duplass
13 episodes 2 Discs
Originally aired FX 2010
Fox Home Entertainment 2011

I must admit I hadn’t seen the first season before watching the Blu-Ray for the Complete Season Two of The League. However, this FX situation comedy gives us enough background in the season’s first episode to see the main characters for who they are. We also understand that The League is in fact a group of 8 people who play Fantasy Football online, and that their friendship is mainly a competitive one. DVD set at Amazon

This is where most of the humor from the series stems from. Every week, the League’s members go to great lengths to make predictions on which NFL players will perform on game day, from the pool of players they’ve selected in their virtual draft before the season. If this sounds like mumbo-jumbo to you, it’s normal… Not a lot of people understand all the intricacies of fantasy football. Should that keep you from watching? No.

The best comparison I could make is that I know nothing about advanced nuclear physics, yet I enjoy the T.V. show “The Big Bang Theory” immensely. The same can be said about this show. Although I enjoy watching NFL games on Sundays, I’ve never participated in fantasy football leagues… and it doesn’t matter.

The show focuses mainly on showing us how a group of adult friends in their 20s to early 30s can get obsessed with their passion for fantasy football. What follows is pure madness at times, some immature humor, some relationship issues as well as some more witty humor. It’s a good formula that works well like the show Seinfeld did. Put some characters in funny situations, and something funny is bound to happen.

As a new viewer to the series, I was surprised to somehow recognize one of the characters from the series’ first episode. He looked like a singer from Montreal’s south shore who made a killing on YouTube with his funny music videos. It turns out I was right; Jon Lajoie plays the character of Taco in this show, and his musical talents are put to good use.

You can also expect a lot more from this series like appearances by real famous NFL players like Chad Ochocinco, some extended episodes, deleted scenes, a gag reel and many other nice additions on this two Blu-ray disc set. A warning, this series is intended for adults (or at least older teens) since it features strippers in Vegas who seem to know a lot about football and some comments about the movie industry that could shock younger audiences.

Other Special features on The League The Complete Season Two are Kluneberg Paint By Numbers; El Notario!; Taco Tunes Productions Presents I’m Inside Me, Nangita!; Ruxin’s Wedding Video; Vinegar Strokes; Alt Nation

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