Kenny vs Spenny Season 6
Kenny Hotz, Spencer Rice
13 + 1 Episodes 2 DVD
VSC 2010

Kenny vs Spenny Season Six ended up on my desk as part of a negotiation with my partner who offered me a package of three sitcom DVD sets to review. BluRay Glee Complete First eason (I am a Gleek so he knew I would jump at the chance). The second was the third season of The Big Bang theory. The opening bid being two of my favourite shows followed by one I had never watched should have been a warning to me that I was being set up but I was blinded by my greed.

Truly I had never seen a single episode of Kenny vs Spenny and had no idea it was into multiple seasons nor did I have any idea as to the premise of the show until I encountered the first episode: Who Can 69 The Longest in which the two leads in the show present us with their shortcomings in all manner of ways. While it may seem hard to believe this sequence of two grown men wearing jockstraps and strapped together in the 69 position is the intellectual high point of this DVD. It would probably have been far more interesting if they had just gotten around to fellating each other in lieu of the seemingly interminable mutual debasement of this intellectually handicapped cousin to Jack Ass.

The irony here is that Kenny versus Spenny has been nominated over and over again for the Canadian equivalent of the Emmy awards. That a country that has given the world John Candy, Howie Mandel, Russell Peters, Caroline Rhea, Norm Macdonald, Porky’s, Meatballs, Bon Cop Bad Cop has some how managed to also visit this dreck upon the world is mind boggling. Even more stunning is that anyone anywhere in the world would consider Kenny vsSpenny to be anything other than a colossal waste of time.

Here is a time saver – a shorthand for Kenny vs. Spenny. 1- There is a challenge. The challenge shall be poorly worded and preferably involve something which can be easily filmed by a small crew. 2- Kenny will come up with an interpretation of the rules that would not be immediately apparent to those without larceny in their hearts. 3- Kenny will simply cheat if he sees the opportunity. 4-Spenny plays by the rules and gets owned 5- There is a punishment – a humiliation of some kind visited upon Spenny.

There you have it – the shorthand for those who have never had to endure this tripe. There are occasional moments where Kenny vs. Spenny actually rises to the level of watchable. Of note in this respect is the Who Can Produce The Best Commercials which is actually worth your time. Generally speaking though if you are not already familiar with and a fan of Kenny versus Spenny you should avoid this series like the plague.
Kenny VS. Spenny – Season Two

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