Kenny vs. Spenny
Season Two 2 DVD set
Kenny Hotz, Spencer Rice
Originally aired on Showcase 2003
VSC 2006

Kenny vs. Spenny Season Two is a show only teenage boys and frat boys will enjoy. This Canadian show is Jackass but with two seemingly intelligent people. This is voyeur TV gone real bad. It features two idiots Kenny Hotz and Spencer Rice (the so-called bad guy and so-called good guy) who get into some really stupid contests only drunk guys could find funny. Kenny usually finds a way to weasel out of the intent of the contest. Season Two of Kenny vs. Spenny features 15 different shows on 2 DVDs and loads of extras.

In Kenny vs. Spenny, Kenny is the sick, dark, manipulative cheater and while Spenny seems to be the nicest and more balanced of the two. It is amazing that two seemingly intelligent adults would indulge in stunts like that. It is even more amazing to me that Kenny vs. Spenny has been such a popular show on Showcase TV and the CBC.

Watching Kenny vs. Spenny is very much like slowing down for an accident or watching a toothless redneck couple fight: you do not want to watch but there it is and there you are. Each week Kenny and Spenny (Kenny Hotz and Spencer Rice) issue a challenge to the other so as to see either who is the most idiotic or bravest, I haven’t figured that part out yet. The shows on Kenny vs. Spenny Season Two DVD 1 features challenges such as who can drink more beer, who can stay naked the longest, who has the biggest balls, the rather mild by comparison who do old people like more, who can dance the longest, who can go the longest without talking, who’s funnier, who can kiss more women, and who can win a rat race.

The weirdest contest on this DVD is certainly who has the biggest balls where Kenny and Spenny engage in contests such as bug eating, handling a scorpion, being tazered, getting beat up by a kung fu dude, getting whipped by a dungeon master, and getting a tattoo.

Not all shows are Jackass dumb (though some are even dumber than a redneck trying to play a Larry the Cable Guy CD on his Victrola). The rat race episode is a lot more fun to watch than the drinking or biggest balls shows. This is especially because Spenny goes all out to stop Kenny from sabotaging his rat in any way (but will it work?). Even this seemingly fun episode gets even weirder than most when Kenny kidnaps Spenny’s mother as part of a blackmail plot.

The second Kenny vs. Spenny DVD for season two features episodes such as who is the better journalist, who can sell the most bibles, first one to be mean loses, who is the better rapper -we are talking about to lame white guys–, who is the better parent, and who is the better stripper (and trust me you do not want to know).

This is a really bizarre show that certainly has more than a simple cult following. I really fail to see the interest but then again I am neither a teenage boy nor a frat boy looking for inspiration.


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