Little Britain Season 2
Matt Lucas, David Walliams, Anthony Stuart Head, Tom Baker
6 episodes
BBC Television 2004
2 DVDs
167 minutes plus many extras
BBC Video / Warner Home Video 2006

If you are hoping for your usual blue-haired BBC television comedy with a lot of nice upper class people in funny situations, Little Britain The Complete Second Series is definitely going to shock you. If you enjoy surreal, raunchy, biting, and absurd adult oriented comedy sketches Little Britain, The Complete Second Series is definitely a must for your collection.

Little Britain The Complete Second Series is a great comedy 2 DVD set. DVD 1 features the six episodes from season two. These shows are themselves divided into six segments.

Though the situations and the characters themselves do tend to become a bit repetitive, especially the comic skit with Judy and Maggie that always ends with Maggie barfing all over people, each show is on the whole very funny and quite entertaining.

Personal favorite in Little Britain is the Lou and I series featuring a man who takes care of his wheelchair-bound brother who, in reality, is not wheelchair bound. Transvestites Emily and Florence are also quite funny in this show and the situations they encounter show more imagination writing wise than the very obnoxious and abusive Marjorie Dawes who runs a dieting center.

Most bizarre in this British television comedy show are Bubbles De Vere, an extremely ugly and fat lady who is residing at a posh health center though she has not paid her bill in ages, and Harvey and Jane, featuring a thirty-something man whose mother is still breastfeeding even in front of his fiancĂ©e. These Little Britain sketches do not have as much lasting power as those featuring character Dafydd Thomas, a man who insists on being “the only gay in the village” though evidence most certainly proves the opposite.

Other comedy skits on Little Britain The Complete Second Series include miniature actor Denis Waterman, Dr. Lawrence and Anne, and the “computer says no” with Carol Beer. One should not forget, of course, Sebastian Love and the PM where the British Prime Minister is saddled with a very gay and possessive aide. Pay special attention to the voiceovers by Tom Baker of Dr. Who fame.

Little Britain The Complete Second Series is not something for the whole family. There is frequent nudity and so on that you may not want to explain to the kiddies. It is also the kind of comedy series where subtitles do come in handy sometimes, especially with the Vicky Pollard sketches.

The second comedy DVD in this set features a 43 minute documentary on Little Britain, a special episode of the series made for Comic Relief with special appearances by Elton John and George Michaels, the latter in the outtakes feature. The Deleted Scenes feature is a must see and not only because it runs some 45 minutes. Other extras include a Richard and Judy (some BBC 4 show) spoof of the Lou and I bits, and a Daffyd sketch

Whoever put together the two DVD set for Little Britain, The Complete Second Series certainly knows what the home viewer wants. You can of course access each episode separately and segments from each episode individually but if you want to focus on a particular series of sketches, such as transvestites Emily and Florence, teenager Vicky Pollard, or the very bizarre Lou and I, the on screen menu allows you to do so. This is the kind of extra touch home viewers will certainly appreciate that also shows the people behind this 2 sketch comedy DVD set really care about their product.


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