Little Britain
The Complete Third Series
Matt Lucas, David Walliams, Tom Baker
6 episodes plus extras
2 DVDs
Originally aired on BBC
Warner Home Video 2006

I am not enough a Little Britain fan to want to own two seasons of this British comedy television series but The Complete Third Series of Little Britain on DVD is good stuff that will please fans of the show. Casual fans of this BBC show starring Matt Lucas and David Walliams, on the other hand, may find the comic sketches and characters a bit repetitive if they already own one of the 2 previous Little Britain DVD sets from Warner Home Video.

Little Britain is a caustic and very surrealistic view of the British that does push the good taste envelope. Long gone are the days of king and empire and the rule know is we too can poke fun at ourselves: “The British postal service is the best in the world. Put a first class stamp on your letter and it’s guaranteed to possibly arrive at some point somewhere if you’re lucky.”  Though many viewers might get tired of yet another Matt Lucas as Mrs. Emery skit (the lady who pees rivers in public, that’s the joke) and Vicky Pollard (David Walliams), even if she does in one skit get a job as a phone sex operator, is a bit grating, the six shows in the Third Series are still fun.

Also back are permanent spa resident Bubbles Devere who now has a bit of competition in the form of Desiree, and university lecturer Linda Flint whose ability to describe the students dropping in her office is dead on. Brothers Lou and Andy are also back and, of the characters in Little Britain, are those who are still quite fresh. I never was a big fan of Dudley and Ting Tong (started in Series Two) and Series Three of Little Britain does not manage to endear them.

Racist old lady Maggie Blackmore (the barfer) is also back with her one gag skit and I do mean gag. This bit is getting stale. On the other hand, the short press conferences by M.P. Sir Norman Fry (always with wife and two kids present) are always entertaining, perhaps because they are short, one-gag bits.

The six shows of Little Britain The Third Series are on DVD 1. DVD 2 contains all the extras such as deleted scenes, the South Bank Show Special, Little Britain Night Highlights, the Live show trailer, an interview on the Richard and Judy show (featured in one of the Lou and Andy comedy skits), footage from a David Walliams appearance on BBC car show Top Gear, and a clip from something called Heresy

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