In Other Words is Kathleen Madigan’s second stand-up comedy CD and a solid one at that.

This comedienne’s forte is observational comedy of the slightly absurd such as her idea of a travel book about the 68 states and the very funny bit about possible adventures in West Virginia. A lot of her humor also comes at her own expense even when talking about such mundane, and you would think done to death but where Madigan finds new ore, topics such as the weather.

Kathleen Madigan is a veteran stand-up comic and this is obvious on In Other Words. Her material segues seamlessly so you never feel her doing the switch. This is how a track like Weather can go from that topic to community college to being lost in the South, the Civil War, and Texas pride. This makes for a, no pejorative intended, easy listening stand-up comedy CD.

Not that In Other Words is all safe material. Her take on the two versions of George W. Bush may not be the edgiest political stand-up comedy ever made but it most certainly does have a bite. I doubt I will ever be able to watch George W. and not think, as Madigan does, of Yosemite Sam. Like many American comics, however, Madigan does seem to feel the need to balance out her criticicism of Bush with a few funny jabs at John Kerry and his missus. You have to admit though this comedienne’s solution to the lack of troops in Iraq is definitely original and would make for very funny news coverage.

Kathleen Madigan is also not afraid of going after some icons of the entertainment business. Oprah, Larry King, Siegfried and Roy, and, most of all, Liza Minnelli certainly take a few lumps. Very few stand-up comics can stay away from doing material on their family and, of course, it certainly has a dark edge to it.

Madigan is a very good stand-up comic with a lot of métier. The track list on In Other Words is deceptively simple considering what she does with the material. This comedy CD is simply great fun and one you will enjoy listening to again from time to time.

Kathleen Madigan
In Other Words
stand-up comedy CD
Warner Brothers Nashville 2006
47 minutes

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