Pre-Chewed Appetizers is a very odd title for this independent release sketch comedy CD by Michael T. Scott.  Though not my favorite genre, I must admit the sketches on Pre-Chewed Appetizers are very funny and original–though one of the tracks is an extension of a Simpson’s episode where Homer got a helper monkey.

This stand-up comedy CD opens with a skit where Superguy (get it?) has been downsized from his newspaper job and thinking of charging for his services to make ends meet. This is followed by a guy’s session with his psychologist and the latter telling him he should get his advice from one of his many Dr. Phil style books. Anyone who has been dumped will sympathize with track three of Pre-Chewed Appetizers where the guy’s date is most certainly late. Though I am not impressed buy the bee-like sound used for the other end of the cell-phone conversation, this is another funny sketch.

One this a listener will notice about Michael T. Scott’s independent release comedy CD is that the track list has nothing to do with the material. This left me a bit bummed as I was looking forward to the track Jesus Prefers Boxers. The track itself is okay.

Any comedy fan into blue collar comedy will enjoy track 6 where two rednecks are discussing the possum-less restaurant menu. If you think you know where this is going, think again.

My main quibble with sketch comedy in general is that too often the skits last too long. This is not a problem with Pre-Chewed Appetizers. Michael T. Scott knows how to write a tight sketch and knows when the joke is over. I may not like all the sketches here (track 8 is one I particularly dislike). The next track, again based on a blind date set up from an internet match-making site, more than makes up for it.

The funniest bit here is Three Geniuses and Ringo (which is really track 10 and not 8 as listed) with a very Paul McCartney sounding guy giving an interview. A rather scary but very funny bit is Learning The Ropes about what goes on in the kitchen of a restaurant. You may not want to eat out again.

Unfortunately for Pre-Chewed Appetizers by Michael T. Scott, the last track was recorded as if it was rescued from a thirties radio show. It just gets on your nerves.

Overall though, this is a pretty good, sometimes very good independent release stand-up comedy CD.

Pre-Chewed Appetizers
Michael T. Scott
Independent Release
Comedy CD
53 minutes

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