South Park Season 19
Eric Cartman, Stan Marsh, Jimmy Valmer
10 Episodes 2 Blu-ray discs
Comedy Central 2016

South Park 19 rips the veil (unless of course your are Muslim then the veil is okay … not … is) on Political Correctness and its ultimate nefarious goal. Until now, all South Park seasons had a couple of dud episodes. This is not the case for South Park Season 19. The 10 episodes have Political Correctness as a common thread and the story lines follow from episode to episode. What makes season 19 is the episode 7 reveal of the nefarious plan behind political correctness. Only Jimmy knows.

Continuity allows the writers to go after topics such as gentrification, trolling and overreacting to negative internet comments. They also cover racism (with Mr. Garrison becoming a presidential candidate), always being asked for a dollar for something at the check-out. I can relate to their take on everybody wanting to be a critic so they can get special treatment (like a free Blu-ray copy of South Park Season 19 to review because I deserve it and the guy at the PR company rocks!).

South Park Season 19 opens with Stan declaring Caitlin Jenner is not a hero. The townspeople go through a gentrification phase around Kenny’s home and create a hipster community. They campaign for a Whole Foods in the Shi Tpa Town sector. The arrival of Whole Foods brings Tweek and Craig out of the Japanese anime closet. Other episodes feature Ninjas mistaken for terrorists, the South Park police going on strike because they can’t hit minorities anymore, and the reveal of who Leslie really is.

The reveal in episode 7 of what was behind all the PC stuff and the story arc that reaches its climax in episode 10 make South Park Season 19 stand out.

I really liked the Canadian PM who is a ringer for Donald Trump, complete with his dead FOX  toupee.

Special Features on the two disc South Park Season 19 Blu-ray include a half-hour commentary track with Trey Parker and Matt Stone that introduces this very special season, 6 minutes worth of deleted scenes, and #socialcommentary at the bottom of all episodes.

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