South Park The Complete Twentieth Season
Giant Douche, Turd Sandwich, Eric Cartman
10 Episodes 2 Blu-ray discs
Comedy Central 2017

Season 20 of South Park shows it is possible for a show to get even edgier and more relevant. Season 19 of this Comedy Central classic broke new ground by having all 10 episodes form a single narrative thread with attacks on political correctness and the insidiousness of advertising. This time around, Trey Parker et al are dead on with their take on the 2016 election between Giant Douche and Turd Sandwich, trolling, the dangers of nostalgia, as well as a debate on whether or not women can be funny. For a cartoon known for being dark and funny, season 20 tops it all.

This season also features a very different Eric Cartman. He is much less of an idiot with a girlfriend to support him and make him look at things differently. It is also Cartman that brings a bit of the surreal with his dreams of what life on Mars colony would be like. These scenes also allow the South Park animators to really show off their skills with some very Georgia O’Keefe buildings and scenery.

I was very impressed with season 19 and its take on advertising. So much so in fact that I use a scene from one of the episodes in one of my classes to make a point. Season 20 is just as good, better if you are more into political than social satire even if there is a great deal of both.

South Park The Complete Twentieth Season features the usual excellent special features: Season commentary by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, social commentary on all episodes, deleted scenes, and the 2016 Comic Con panel with Parker and Stone.

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