Eric Cartman, Butters, Kyle Broflovski
10 episodes 2 Blu-ray discs
Comedy Central 2018

Nothing will ever top season 19 of South Park with its vicious take on the pervasiveness of advertising or season 20 with its vicious take on the presidential election. Still, South Park Season 21 holds its own. It features the usual commentary track and deleted scenes. 21 seasons in and South Park is still relevant even if it goes back to unconnected episodes. The second half of this season is much stronger than the first.

South Park Season 21 opens with a jab at the alt right. It is couched in a movement led by a Jeff Foxworthy lookalike named Darryl (and his pal Cyrus, the Larry the Cable Guy lookalike in case you don’t get the joke) going around waving Tiki torches and a confederate flag and shouting “You will not replace us” in protest against Alexa, Siri, and the Google assistant.

Episode 2 has fun with texting and driving including driving slot cars and bumper cars and killing innocent children. Though fun, this is not the best episode in season 21. The Wendy and Cartman relationship is getting boring.

The Columbus Day episode is pretty decent. Randy declares it politically incorrect. He then pdiscovers he is part Native American and has a make-out session with a Native American man to prove his feelings. Weird but true. So is the next episode where Hummel figurines are real popular with the old ladies at the old folk’s home but the figurines hide a dark secret.

A hightlight in South Park Seasopn 21 is Sons A Witches on DVD 2. Randy and the other fathers spend a week before Halloween partying on Jack and crack. This year something goes wrong and only the biggest son of a witch can solve the problem. Meanwhile, guys will easily relate to Cartman’s frustration to how long it takes Wendy to get ready to go out.

The science fair episode is excellent. The kids disvover a way to make tardigrades (sort of sea monkeys) evolve and this excites the NFL because it would mean a wast new audience to replace its declining numbers. The U.S goes nuclear over the negative influence of the Terence and Philip show which Netflix has picked up because it picks up anything these days.

South Park Season 21 ends strong with President Garrison haunting South Park because he is worried about his ratings. Look for references to Stephen King’s IT and Stranger Things (which I didn’t get). The killer political statement about President Garrison / Trump is “If you don’t feed him garbage he will go away!”

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