The Boondocks
The Complete First Season
Uncut and Uncensored
3 DVDs
15 episodes plus extras
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2006

The Boondocks is another Cartoon Network Adult Swim hit that is totally different from the Saturday morning cartoon we have grown up on. Based on the comic strip by Aaron McGruder published in many newspapers and by cartoon great Andrews McMeel the animated version of The Boondocks is an ass-kicking cartoon for adults aimed at a Black audience but enjoyed by everyone who likes their comics and cartoons with a definite edge. The Boondocks The Complete First Season features 15 uncut and uncensored cartoons that will shock, puzzle, and amuse all at the same time.

The Boondocks is definitely a modern, urban cartoon that plays with current events and rap music. Nothing is sacred in this cartoon and most episodes are a lot of fun. This is a very hip urban animated show. The premise is Huey and Riley, two young Black boys, move to the rich white ‘burbs with their grandfather Robert “Granddad” Freeman. The adaptation is, to say the least, kind of hard.

This show spares no sacred cow. A particularly caustic episode is where a law-abiding Black man becomes victim of racial profiling after someone is killed over an X-Box. Huey and Riley get the help of a couple of local veterans from the war in Iraq to clear the man’s name before he can be anally raped in prison. This is a very nasty take on race relations but also a biting comment on the war on terror and its various color levels.

Particularly solid is the second DVD in The Boondocks The Complete First Season. Simply brilliant is the Christmas episode, A Huey Freeman Christmas. Featuring a clearly Charlie Brown style soundtrack and a nod or two at the Charles Schultz animated classic, it is also quite over the top and funny as Huey is in charge of the Christmas play, The Adventures of Black Jesus, while Riley mugs the mall Santa. This DVD also includes the a propos The Return Of The King where King, who has been in a coma for thirty years, returns to a post 9-11 world, is disappointed with the results of his vision, and finds his turn the other cheek message does not fly. This cartoon also includes revisionist highlights of the struggle.

DVD 3 opens with Let’s Nab Oprah where Riley plays criminal mastermind when Ed Wuncler and Gin Rummy decide to nab Oprah because control of Oprah means control over women. This one is decent and includes a lot of Matrix style fight scenes especially when Huey tries to protect Oprah. The surprise ending, involving another famous Black celebrity famous is decent. Also pretty good is the episode where Jazmine sells her lemonade stand to Wuncler while Huey discovers opening a hydrant in a rich neighborhood is a waste of time.

The Boondocks The Complete First Season Uncut and Uncensored is a lot of fun.

There is a glitch in this Boondocks box set. The synopsis for episodes 5, The Health Inspector, and 8, The Real, have been inverted.


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