The Jeffersons The Complete Fifth Season
Sherman Hemsley, Isabel Sanford,
Marla Gibbs, Roxie Roker, Paul Benedict
3 DVDs 24 Episodes
1978-79 Season
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2006

The Jeffersons, one of the many All In The Family Norman Lear spin-offs, is a classic television situation comedy that lasted eleven seasons. Although The Jeffersons did outlast its welcome by two or three years, The Complete Fifth Season finds George Jefferson, Louise Jefferson, Bentley, the Willis’, and especially maid Florence Johnston in fine form.

A great episode is the season finale when the Willis’ and Bentley are forced to spend the night with the Jeffersons after the heat in their apartment gives out. You get the classic party game that goes wrong, George and Tom sharing a bed, and a case of mistaken identity. Also fun on DVD 3 of The Jeffersons The Complete Fifth Season, is Three Faces Of Florence where Florence decides to make herself interesting by pretending to be a countess to a man she does not know is a psychiatrist.

DVD 2 of The Jeffersons The Complete Fifth Season features the episode George Who where Louise loses her memory. The who’s on first style repartee between Louise and Leroy is very well written and performed. I have always enjoyed the Harry Bentley character played by Paul Benedict so I liked the episode where he tries to get rid of a very talkative house guest but ends up proposing instead. Also fun on this second DVD is the episode where George is having a bout of E.D. that bothers him so much he even talks to Tom Willis about it. The lesser episode here is the Christmas episode, where George finds out a secret about his late mother, is not particularly interesting though Bentley’s style of choir directing at the end of the show is fun to watch.

A lesser episode on this 3 DVD set is The Homecoming on DVD 1 where Tom Willis’ son returns from a commune, inherits a building George has his eye on. As soon as Louise says the help center she works at needs a building you can figure out how this episode will end. The fun of this two-parter resides in the comic repartee between George and Alan Willis. Much stronger and fun to watch on the first DVD of The Jeffersons The Complete Fifth Season are George’s New Stockbroker staring ventriloquist Willie Tyler and Lester and Me And Billy Dee starring Billy Dee Williams where a frightful looking Florence believes the star is only a double George hired. Also a lot of fun is George’s Dream where Jefferson does a Rip Van Winkle into the future.

No television sitcom season can be all solid episodes. The fifth season of The Jeffersons does have a few lesser episodes but this 3 DVD box set featuring 24 shows is a lot of fun.

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