Penn & Teller Bullshit! The Complete Sixth Season
Penn Jilette, Teller
10 episodes 2 DVD
Originally aired Showtime
CBS DVD 2009

The Complete Sixth Season of Penn & Teller Bullshit! is a hell of a lot of fun to watch. The approach of this show is a thirty-minute concentrate of a Michael Moore movie with wittier commentary. On this 2 DVD 10 episode set, Penn & Teller take on a variety of current topics and myths and prove them wrong. It is hard to take a show like Bullshit! seriously and it sure is fun to see the collection of nutjobs, charlatans, snake-oil salespeople and so on the show comes up with.

Penn & Teller B.S. opens with an investigation on the supposed damages porn causes. Of course, the ex-magicians interview wackjobs who say porn is bad for you and serious folks who say nay. The fact two U.S. government studies could find no link between adult movies and bad behavior is also brought up. Also looked at on the first Bullshit DVD in this set is New Age Medicine which debunks crunchy granola cures including recognized yet crackpot treatments like acupuncture and TT aka Touch Therapy.

Penn & Teller take on NASA in the third episode of Bullshit season 6. This is fun but nothing people who question NASA haven’t heard before.

Flipper is gonna flip if it sees the Dolphins episode on DVD 1 of Penn & Teller Bullshit! Season 6. Turns out dolphins are even more ordinary than the football team. Insomniacs will loooove Sleep Inc which uncovers the bull in front of a lot of sleep aid systems, none of them cheap by the way.

DVD 2 of Penn & Teller Bullshit Season 6 includes Being Green which is particularly fun and full of nutty folks with their hand in your pockets. There is an ecotherapist and the cooks who follow her therapy, a guy a wrote a carbon diet book, and two women who sell carbon credits; one an obvious fraud the other a put on. The episode on Sensitivity Training is crap … sorry, not as stellar as it could have been, even if Bobby Slayton shows up.

The next episode on how society is scaring kids into submission and various childhood danger myths is great. Season 6 of Penn & Teller Bullshit DVD 2 also looks at the bs behind the world peace concept and, of course, right wing and left wing nuts. Penn does oversell a lot of the commentary here.

Season 6’s last episode looks at people who like to live in the past like the guy who would like to be in Leave It to Beaver, people who would go back to disco, and costume freaks into the Renaissance. It is a fun show but the BS level is kind of low.

Penn & Teller Bullsh!t Season 6 is fun to watch


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