TV s Spookiest Halloween Episodes
13 Episodes 1 DVD
Mill Creek Entertainment 2014

Whoever at Mill Creek Entertainment came up with this Halloweed TV DVD is a bloody genius. Any TV fan who sees TV’s Spookiest Halloween Episodes on a store shelf will pick one up and pick another up to give as a gift. 13 Halloween shows from 13 great and now classic sitcoms is a must have.

The 13 situation comedy represented on this DVD are Bewitched, The Jeffersons (a 2-part episode), The Facts of Life, Roseanne, NewsRadio, 3rd Rock From the Sun, I Dream of Jeannie, Square Pegs, Married With Children, The Cosby Show, Mad About You, That 70s Show (large screen), and Ned and Stacey. All in the original fullscreen format.

The highlight is the two part Jeffersons. Louise looks in a telescope and sees a rabbit bludgeon someone with a carrott goes after her. Meanwhile, George is dressed up as Charlie Chaplin, the Willises are Stan and Ollie, and Marla Gibbs (Florence) is brilliant as Harpo.

Any Roseanne Halloween show is good.  The one included here is the first one of them. It is not as complex as later offerings but it is one of the highlights of this set. Also solid is the 3rd Rock From The Sun Episode where Dick is afraid of going to the doctor until he confronts his fears by facing the ghost in his home. You got to love the answer to the question “Where are your bucaneers?”

Roseanne fans might want to get the Roseanne Halloween DVD

In Bewitched, Tabatha makes her Halloween storybook characters come alive. It is good fun. I Dream of Jeannie has Major Nelson inheriting ye olde English haunted house (or is it?). Lots of miscaken costumed identity hijinx in this one.

The Facts of Life episode is from season 5 when Mrs Garett ran Edna’s Edibles. The girls come to believe Mrs. Garrett has gone mad and turned a customer into sausage.  That 70s Show has the kids going back to their burned out grade school and finding their permanent records.

Square Pegs lasted only one season. This episode is an occasion to see Jamie Gertz, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Tracy Nelson when they were teens. NewsRadio has the WNYX staff agree to wear Halloween costumes because Lisa promised Dave would wear a dorky costume.

The lesser Halloween sitcoms are The Married With Children episode where the Village People show up and Death (unfortunately underplayed by Katey Sagal) almost gets Al. In Ned and Stacey, a show that lasted two seasons, mistaken costume identities. lead Stacey to kiss Ned. In Mad About You Paul and Jamie experience parenthood vicariously but the only connection to the feast is it takes place on Halloween.

There are no special features or subtitles for this DVD