Married With Children Seasons 1 and 2
35 episodes 3 DVD
Aired FOX 1987-88
Mill Creek Entertainment 2014

I was more than skeptical when I saw Mill Creek put Married With Children seasons 1 and 2 on only 3 DVD.  This, I thought, must affect picture quality. No it does not. Considering then that you can get the first two seasons (35 episodes) of this great sitcom for about 10 dollars, that there are no special features of any kind or subtitles is, I think, a good compromise. I am however not a fan of having the three DVD stacked on top of each other but there you go and I’ll just have to be more careful.

Married With Children aired for eleven seasons on FOX and is also known as one of the few shows Ted McKinley’s appearance did not signal the shark had been jumped. Al Bundy Ed O’Neill)  is a blue collar Chicago shoe salesman who is married to stay-at-home mom smart-mouthed babe Peggy (Katey Sagal who would move on to Sons of Anarchy) and has two children: uberbabe Kelly (Christina Applegate) and jock Bud (David Faustino).

This situation comedy is still very fun to watch though episodes like season one’s Peggy Sue Got Work where Peg gets a job to buy a VCR does date it. Particularly good episodes include Have You Driven a Ford Lately where Al and Steve rebuild a 65 Mustang; Born to Walk where Al has to take his driver’s license test again; and two parter that opens season 2 where the Bundys go to a Florida redneck motel.

Other recent two-season releases from Mill Creek Entertainment include Good Times and Just Shoot Me.