it’s Halloween. It is time for our Top 10 Halloween comedy list and to stock up on great horror  scary comedy DVD for the night. Either as movie marathon or as background entertainment during the party, these funny horror DVD are sure to please.

First of the Halloween comedies and the best: Roseanne Halloween Edition Nobody but nobody did Halloween comedy like Roseanne. 7 episodes. review

Ghostbusters created the Halloween comedy for a generation. Ghostbusters The best scary comedy DVD ever made period. review

British Halloween comedy has to take place in a pub, right mate? Shaun of the Dead Romantic Comedy meets horror movie Zombies. Review

The smoothest Halloween comedy ever. Love at First Bite: Dracula bites Big Apple in brilliant vampire comedy with George Hamilton aka Mr. Tan. Review

Zombie Honeymoon Bride stands by her zombie in really fun zombie comedy DVD. Review

Undead or Alive  Another good horror movie zombie comedy.Halloween night goes western. Review

Number 8 in our Halloween Top Ten horror comedy DVD suggestions. Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein

Halloween comedy for the boys (and girls, and LGBTQ+) Strippers and zombies. Perfect for a guys Halloween party. Review


Halloween comedy with lots and lots of blowing up stuff Zombieland. A Great zombedy review




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