We have been doing a top ten comedy list for ten years now. This year though I do have an official number 1, the superb Explosion Land by David Huntsberger. The rest of the list is in no particular order (and I still can’t count). If you disagree, email me at contest @ nameofthiswebsitedotcom and maybe I’ll send you a CD or DVD for your troubles.

  David Huntsberger – Explosion Land – Stand Up! Records Review

  Matt Falk – Apple Pie & Scars – Uproar!  Review

Iliza Schlesinger – War Paint – New Wave Dynamics Review

  Darren Frost – Emotional Terrorism   Review

Geoff Tate – I Got Potential – Stand Up! Records  Review

  Maria Bamford — Ask Me About My New God – Comedy Central  Review

Brendon Burns – Pompously Lectures Americans – Stand Up! Records Review


  Joe Derosa – You Will Die – BSeenMedia  Review

  Jim Norton – Please Be Offended – New Wave Dynamics Review

  Doug Stanhope – Beer Hall Putsch – New Wave Dynamics  Review

Jeselnik DVD cover and amazon linkCaligula – Anthony Jeselnik: If you are not already familiar with Jeselnik, your introduction to this comic will probably benefit from viewing the DVD (which the image links to) rather than listening to the CD. The reason for this is simple and, to fans of Jeselnik, rather obvious — that is, Jeselnik’s stage presence and almost ever-present smirk adds quite a bit of personality and context to the show   Review

  Bill Cosby – Far From Finished – Comedy Central Review