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Our Top Ten Comedy CD and MP3 albums. In no particular order aside from number 1. Click pic for Amazon page. If you disagree email us at contest at theseriouscomedysite dot com, I may even send you a CD or DVD.

David Huntsberger – Humanitis – Stand Up! Records Review

Despicable – Jim Norton – BSeenMedia – Review

Amy Schumer – Cutting – Comedy Central Records – Review

Andrew Norelli – Cut Above Stupid – Uproar! – Review

Andy Ritchie – King Ding-a-Ling – Stand Up! Records – Review

Jesse Joyce – Pro Joyce – Rooftop Comedy – Review

Wyatt Cenac – Comedy Person – Comedy Central – Review

Sean Kent – Waiting For The Rapture – Uproar! – Review

Louis Katz – If These Balls Could Talk – Comedy Central – Review

Natasha Leggero – Coke Money – comedy MP3 only – Review

Pete Holmes – Impregnated With Wonder – comedy mp3 only – Review


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  • 39
    Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant. The last 22 minutes are the best I have heard in a long while.
    Tags: cd, huntsberger, david, comedy, stand-up, ten, best, records, top, mp
  • 38
    Stand-up MP3 download album probably a top ten for 2011
    Tags: comedy, leggero, stand-up, mp, natasha, album, top, central, cd, records
  • 37
    Solid performance and maybe a top 10 comedy mp3 album for 2011
    Tags: comedy, mp, pete, album, top, central, cd, stand-up, records
  • 37
    Excellent easy listening clean comedy but not for the whole family.
    Tags: norelli, stand-up, comedy, andrew, mp, cd, album, ten, top
  • 37
    comedy mp3 download only should come as a CD
    Tags: comedy, schumer, amy, mp, stand-up, cd, central, album, records