Dana Gould is a name familiar to Simpsons fans as he was producer of some kind on the show for  seven or so years. I Know It’s Wrong is only his third stand-up comedy album in fifteen years and that’s a shame.

Dana Gould has a very wide range of material and is a funny, original comic. His greatest strength, amongst many, is his ability for misdirection, which is most evident on the track The Black Dahlia or the superb Women Are Like Fruit Trees.

I Know It’s Wrong has a little of everything. The relationship and observational humor is excellent but it is the darker routines that really tickled my fancy.  Aside from the Dahlia bit, Severed Heads Over Hollywood is a favorite.

Dana Gould also has a sense of the absurd such as the conversation between John Lennon and a cicada. He is at his very best in Ku Klux Klan Design Challenge.

Long time fans of this comic will recognize echoes of the retarded bit from Fun House, his first CD.

I Know It’s Wrong
Dana Gould
Comedy MP3 Album
Comedy Dynamics 2013

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