Eat the Cake is an excellent and slightly dark stand-up comedy album by the late Bill Young. If you are going to leave something behind, this album is a big something.

Bill Young covers a lot of comedic ground on this album. He opens with a great idea on how duck hunting is a lot less complicated and expensive than going out in the wild somewhere. Animal lovers will cringe but who cares?

There is not a bad track on this album, such as working customer service and being bad at being an adult. There are quite a few that stand out even more. Young has a very dark take on what to do if there is a fake Amber alert.

The track line-up on Eat the Cake is a bit odd. A track on being a step-dad is followed by one on wedding day advice (which is a bit weird to day the list) and then one on getting divorced (which is a bit messy). It works though so what do I know?

The title track is an interesting bio bit about winning a sheet cake in grade school. It may or may not involve renting a time travel machine.

Bill Young Eat the Cake closes his set, for real this time, with A Christmas Story about a mall choir featuring special needs people. It is not as solid as the rest of this comedy album but it is interesting and funny.

This album is a collage of various performances Bill Young did over a period of time. I was most impressed by the fact Eat the Cake does not sound like a compilation (though Young asks on track nine how much set time he has left and then there are 5 more tracks). This being said, the whole thing flows smoothly and you cannot tell the difference between recording locations

Eat the Cake!
Bill Young
Stand-up comedy album
Stand Up! Records 2023

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