F**k The Disabled is a DVD profile of stand-up comic Greg Walloch. It’s most interesting parts are when Walloch is on stage doing his material. Yes, Walloch is a disabled comic, he has cerebral palsy, he is gay, but he is not that interesting aside from the fact he is a comedian slash comic performance artist. His material is pretty good.

What makes this biography / stand-up comedy DVD different and interesting is the juxtaposition of Walloch’s real life and stand-up material and the behind the scenes of comedy. The real life comedy juxtaposition is also, in part, what does not quite work sometimes.

An example of when this combination works is when Walloch follows another comic who closes with a handicapped and a gay joke. His opener shows he has talent. His talk with the comic, Joe Navas, shows how some comics really do not get when someone is just being polite though you got to give it to Navas for inserting himself into this film.

I liked the creativity behind illustrating some of Walloch’s routines. One, on gay illiteracy cuts to Stephen Baldwin having a drink and enjoying the gay lifestyle. There are also a couple of really good in jokes.

However, some of these illustrations do not work. Examples are the taxi driver and brunch bits.

When F**k The Disabled was recorded Walloch was not quite ready for a headliner spot: Some of his material feels really written and does not have that lived, experienced believability factor that would make it funny. For example, the gangsta Steel Magnolia bit.

Walloch was probably at a point where he had to decide if he wanted to be a stand-up comic or performance artist of comedy material.

The money is in stand-up unless you can come-up with a killer 80-minute one-man show.

F**k The Disabled is an unusual, off the even not really beaten path film and so is Greg Walloch‘s material

It may not be perfect but it is interesting.

F**k The Disabled
Greg Walloch
Comedy DVD / Biography
Picture This! 2002
83 minutes

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