The Bill Engvall Show Season 2
Bill Engvall, Nancy Travis, Tim Meadows
Warner Archive 2013
Not all Blue Collar Comedy related ventures are worthwhile but The Bill Engvall Show, originally a TBS situation comedy, is a very good sitcom

Engvall pretty much plays Bill Engvall but he proves to be much more talented than any of the movies he has appeared in indicate. The Bill Engvall Show is your basic family friendly situation comedy. What makes the show fresh is it does not show men and dads as stupid, clueless creatures.

Also enjoyable is the fact the kids in this family are not your usual smart-mouthed Hollywood brats. They are TV cute but they are believably real.

The writing on this show is far above average. The first episode of season 2 of The Bill Engvall Show opens with Bill being insecure after his wife starts taking care of the “honey do” list and doing the fixing up. Meanwhile, the kids are counting the coins in the coin bottle to see who gets to keep the money. It all sounds ordinary but the show is very good and the punchline is really funny.

The second show is the November 15 Christmas episode. It is based on version 3.1a of sitcom seasonal storylines. Here, the father is all hyped up about Christmas and the keeper of the family traditions while the kids are down in the dumps about it and want to spend Christmas with their friends.  Making the kids realize the importance of Xmas family traditions is sledge hammered into them by Mr. Faulkner, the annoying neighbor.

The Bill Engvall Show has not lost its season one energy. This is a very family friendly sitcom parents are going to enjoy because they see adults in charge.


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