Frankie Boyle would dig up Diana and use her as a ventriloquist’s dummy. In fact, he almost does that on his first stand-up comedy DVD Frankie Boyle Live.

This is absolutely not comedy for people with any sensitivity. As the outrageous comedian says, “What are you doing at one of my shows? This is for scum!”

Boyle, of Mock the Week fame on that side of the pond, spends a bit too much time riffing with the audience, especially at the beginning of the show, but Frankie Boyle Live is a very good stand-up comedy DVD. You have to be fairly familiar with UK who’s who and in the news to really enjoy some of the bits. If you are not, there are so many celebrity and other one-liners the comic will still get you laughing.

This is observational and topical one-liner stand-up comedy delivered at a very quick pace. If you are a fan of structured comedy, Frankie Boyle is not quite the comic for you. Personally, I prefer the former but I find this Scottish comedian is really funny and wicked.

Frankie Boyle Live (the UK version at least) comes with a bonus DVD featuring mostly hand held camera footage of his Scottish tour. This is 24-minutes of various bits and pieces, the best of which are bits from his performance.

Frankie Boyle Live
Frankie Boyle
Stand-up Comedy DVD
Channel 4 DVD 2008
90 minutes + bonus disc

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