Bill Engvall Here’s Your Sign
The Comedy Network
May 23rd 2009 10 P.M. 90 minutes

Here’s Your Sign is Engvall’s tightest performance to date. This is clean stand-up comedy language wise but there are adult references and bathroom jokes. It is heavy on marital and family humor.

Bill Engvall opens Here’s Your Sign with a long routine on his 21 years of marriage. Relationship comedy is always fun, especially when a stand-up comic brings a few new twists and takes to the topic; Engvall does. Granted, there are a few ol’ standards like who know owns the testes and always being careful when answering a question she asks, but as it is all good natured, it works.

The comic’s son is also the source of a couple of nice long bits about boys, fathers, and becoming a man. “The talk” routine is pretty good, as is the story of his son’s first sports physical.

The next bit is the trip to Bahamas and what happens when you mix Vicodin and a Bahama Mamma. This stand-up routine is a bit different from the CD version. There is also a bit on Steve Irwin (and yes it is dated but that is Irwin’s own fault) and a pet psychic.

Next on Bill Engvall Here’s Your Sign is “That Doesn’t Happen In Our House” a great comparison between chick flick love scenes and what happens in a real couple’s bedroom. Of course, the show ends with some Here’s your sign jokes.


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