Am I Yelling? By Bil Dwyer is yet another solid comedy download album on the Stand Up! Records label.

Dwyer is an entertaining stand-up comic. His material may not be groundbreaking but he makes it fresh and interesting such as the link between the homeless and banana bread. Am I Yelling is entertaining through and through.

The comedy album opens with a bit on growing older andlooking like an undercover cop. Bil Dwyer makes a valid point about the scene in cop shows where the cops taste the substance to find out what it is. This is followed by material on cubicles, office rules, and how life does not always turn out the way you planned.

The longest section of Bil Dwyer Am I Yelling is centered around relationships. Dwyer asks a very good question: When was the last time you respected the cherish part of your vows? It will get you thinking. The segue into Utah and numerous wives is elegant and the bit itself is very good. Also, why do we feel compelled to text our partner where we are all the time? The material is far superior to the usual fare.

Other material includes a fun bit on having a garage sale, parenting, and schooling. My personal favorite on this comedy download is Birth Time where Dwyer points out how there’s always one guy who ruins it for the rest of us.

The album closes with a routine that leaves the listener with a vivid mental picture of kids pretending they are pigeons for Doritos. More than a few guys who listen to this album will try it.

By the way, the title of this comedy album may suggest Bil Dwyer is one of those aggressive shouting comics. This is not the case at all. Am I Yelling is a smooth listening experience.

Check out our Stand Up! Records page for more excellent stand-up comedy.

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