Country Music Legend by Chris Maddock is an entertaining stand-up comedy download. Maddock opens and closes with a comic c/w musical ditty and that explains the strange choice for title and cover.

Maddock opens with a series of routines about working minimum wage service jobs and the strange people you meet doing that, Anyone can relate to material like that. The buffet bit is a story you would not think possible unless you’ve worked in a place like that.

Then the comic tries a bit of lowbrow humor and then some (failed) highbrow humor about the two popes. Commenting on the obvious does not the latter a routine make.

My favorite track on Country Music Legend by Chris Maddock is Black Mellencamp, a fun story involving impersonating a friend to call a radio musical request show. The bit on being a father and parenting is okay.

Before the closing tune, Maddock explains how breathalyzer equipped car works.

Country Music Legend
Chris Maddock
Stand-up comedy download
Stand Up! Records 2021

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