Know the audience you are recording your stand-up comedy album in front of.

Amy Miller is well aware of this rule I just made up and uses it to her full advantage in her first stand up comedy MP3 album Solid Gold. Miller is a very good and interesting comic who knows how to tell a story but it is the way she toys with the Portland, Oregon audience and its many sensitivities that make this album.

Miller sets the tone right off the bat by establishing she lived in Portland for three years. This allows to get away with a nice dig at Portland and to nail the audiences’ “awww” with a genteel “just guilty white people?” and a not so nice “keep sharing those hashtags, everybody”.

Solid Gold is a mix of biographical stories based on Miller’s self-described white trash Oakland background and relationship bits. Being more partial to stories, I really enjoyed the story about her war vet uncle and his pet crow, her sleepover misadventure, and a very clever and smart bit on her discovery of the meaning of slavery.

This is a solid first album. I really look forward to more from Amy Miller.

In case you are wondering, the title of the album refers to Millers’ vagina.

Solid Gold
Amy Miller
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