Dylan Brody is a ranconteur and stand-up comic. His latest comedy MP3 download and CD A Twist of the Wit suggests he prefers story teller to stand-up yet the stand-up material outshines the stories. Not that either is particularly interesting.

Brody opens the show with some stand-up bits. The first depends on verbal agility a audience being familiar with Escher. The last half of the bit does not quite work because you can’t follow the bouncing ball. These routines depend on your interest in the comic as they are about him and his experiences.
If there is one bit here that shines it is I Like to Support the Arts, a clever and structured bit about a corner magician.

A Twist of the Wit is enjoyable if you are a fan of storytelling comedy … and patient. Brody tends to circle and zig zag around his material so you get the background to the background to the routine beforehand and that is longer than the bit itself. When the piece relies on a not particularly funny misunderstanding, such as Jeff s Spikkhersbrokken, you wonder why he bothered.

The other bits are decent enough.

Dylan Brody A Twist of the Wit ends strong with True Romance, a story almost stand-up bit about shopping with the missus.

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A Twist of the Wit
Dylan Brody
Stand-up Comedy MP3
Stand Up! Records 2011

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