Melinda Hill is a comedienne who talks about her guy troubles, awkward dating interactions and the possibility of her being a bisexual.  Right now, you’re probably thinking, “Great! I love new, edgy material!” as you let out a big sigh of sarcasm.  Hold on, Hill is not like any other comedienne who uses these comedy devices.

The Accidental Bisexual is far from your typical stand-up comedy album.  It’s hard to really define it as stand-up at all.  It’s really more of a satirical one-woman comedy show.  Instead of coming on stage and delivering a routine that’s joke after joke after joke, Hill comes out and tells incredibly detailed stories.  Throughout the set she’s reading her notes (you can actually hear her turning pages), and she announces the title of track between each joke.  Like I said, this is no run-of-the-mill album.

If you can take yourself out of the mindset of the typical stand-up audience, then this is a very funny set, and it is performed incredibly well.  There are, at points, long gaps between laughs, but that isn’t because her jokes are failing, but because she’s engaging you in her story.  There is a fine line between boring the audience with details and keeping them interested by the subtleties of the anecdotes, and Hill usually knows where it is.

The set is a fine satire of the common, self-deprecating female comedian you were reminded of in the opening paragraph of this review.  Hill takes her stories of desperation to the extreme and then directly mocks the ridiculous length women go to for no reason.

This stand-up comedy album is NOT for those with short attention spans, or those who aren’t looking for less traditional styles of comedy.  But if you can stand to wait an entire two minutes to listen to a story from a performer who knows what she’s doing, than Melinda Hill will, more often than not, be worth the wait.

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The Accidental Bisexual
Melinda Hill
Comedy CD
Stand Up! Records 2011
45 minutes

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