I am getting seriously pissed with the new policy labels like Comedy Central Records have of making certain stand-up comedy albums MP3 download only.

This is the case for Cutting by Amy Schumer. Having to burn the MP3 to make a CD takes legitimacy away from the release and gives the impression Comedy Central does not think Schumer is really worth the investment: She is. This is excellent, original, interesting stand-up comedy.

On our 2011Top Ten Comedy CD and MP3 list

Cutting and Amy Schumer are definitely worth the money. Although she does a lot of relationship comedy it works because the material is good and she varies the structure towards the punchline including a clever use of the bait and switch. The magic uncircumcised penis bit is very funny.

Amy Schumer is not afraid to sometimes push the envelope, making for a couple of really edgy jokes like the sickle cell bit. She also often manages to surprise and that is part of this comedy mp3 album s charm. The encounter with the little old church lady routine on track 7 of Cutting and Maury Povich Baby Daddy sequel is classic.

If there is a lesser bit on Amy Schumer Cutting it is Get Tested, Denise, a college days slutty friend bit that does not really do anything new. Much better is the baby bit in Drinking.

For those who care, Amy Schumer does adult material but does not swear much. The last two routines on this comedy mp3 are the raunchiest and for some reason when the comic seems to be looking for her footing a bit.

If you are aurally sensitive, there is one really annoying laugh in the back of the room.

Amy Schumer ‘s stand-up comedy album Cutting should be available in stores in a gold jewel case.

Amy Schumer
Stand-up Comedy MP3 Download
Comedy Central Records 2011
45 minutes

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